Henry Blodget : Bing Will Bomb


Henry Blodget, a long time analyst of Internet companies, posted a story on the Silicon Valley Insider, entitled “Bing Will Bomb“.

He said : "Analysts are positively gushing about Microsoft's Bing. Initial Comscore numbers showed a pop in Bing traffic! Some observers have gone so far as to suggest that Bing will usher in a whole new era in the search war between Google and Microsoft"


First, he said there “isn’t a search war between Google and Microsoft. Google won what little skirmish about 5 years ago

Second, he attributes any gain that Bing.com has made to curiosity in reaction to that enormous ad budget Microsoft has for the product.

Third, Mr. Blodget says: “yes, Bing has added some cool innovations, but nothing that Google can’t and won’t copy immediately.

Mr. Blodget also points to a survey that Imran Khan of JP Morgan, did which concluded that “Consumers are happy with Google. They don’t see a need to switch.”

Moreover the survey found that 62.5% of people are satisfied with their current search engine and see no reason to switch.
The survey also found only 9.4% of users plan on using Bing as there main search engine, only slight better than the 7.1% that already use Microsoft search.
All and all another interesting post full of survey results and if the survey proves correct, Bing.com going to have a problem.

Different with that, bang Ir said Google is still above

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