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Michael Jackson has died at the age of 50. One of the world's most recognizable entertainers, Jackson is best known for the groundbreaking Thriller. His incalculable musical legacy lives on. Michael Jackson will never be forgotten, he'll always be loved by all of us loyal fans. To the many evil slim who tormented him in life, you're responsible for his death, your lives will forever be cursed with as much torment, hatred, scorn, and terrible circumstances as you caused him. I don't feel one bit sorry for you, I hope you never have a peaceful moment in life !!!!!!

Mike will never EVER be forgoten,and for those who said crap about him and are still saying it i hope karma comes around to you he was a great musican and a great person and LEGEND his legacy will live on you cant take that away!!!!I really still cant belive he's gone.wow He will be missed I love you Mike he's on his way home now. REST IN PEACE.!

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  1. M.J. is not dead!

    If Elvis is still alive, then Michael will live forever. Not only will he live forever, he is now a child; he is having the childhood he never got to enjoy.


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