Michael Jackson Auction Catalog and iTunes Top 100 is Up


Just one day after Michael Jackson’s death, the Michael Jackson auction catalog is up for sale. A collection of Jackson memorabilia can be purchased, presumably for big bucks, in Las Vegas. See video above. And to Michael Jackson’s Music Albums, I have been posting for that from Amazon.

Of the iTunes Top 100 songs right now, 39 of them are Michael Jackson tracks (including half of the Top Ten). The usual suspects are there ("Beat It," "Billie Jean," "Rock With You," "Thriller," and "Smooth Criminal") but there's a surprise top song among Jackson catalog; "Man in the Mirror" which is above and is currently the number two song on iTunes.

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  1. wah kang meni ufdat postingan nya,hebat.....!!haturnuhun

  2. wow masih...di sikat terus nih kang...huehehehehehe


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